Expected results and long-term impacts

Timeline of the expected results and long-term technical impacts to be achived during and after the project

Project deliverables

D1.1 Tools for aero-propulsive and aero-acoustic optimisation (WP1; ONERA; Sensitive)


D1.2 Assessment of transition models & their adjoints (WP1; NTUA; Public)


D1.3 DENs to Speed-up MDOs (WP1; NTUA; Public)


D1.4 New capabilities of GEMSEO with examples (WP1; IRT; Public)


D1.5 Assessment of UQ/RDO methods (WP1; UNICA; Public)


D2.1 Deep learning borescope demonstrator on an engine borescope video (WP2; ICL; Sensitive)


D2.2 Instant CFD demonstrator on NACA0012 design and ONERA M6 wing cases (publicly available) (WP2; ICL; Public)


D2.3 ML for supporting improved manufacturing: methods and tools (WP2; ICL; Public)


D3.1 Description of design tasks (WP3; AIRBUS; Sensitive)


D3.2 Automatic design chains for the two suggested aircraft concepts (WP3; ONERA; Sensitive)


D3.3 Multidisciplinary design tools for desining next generation business jet acquainted with NLF HARW (WP3; DAV; Sensitive)


D3.4 Multidisciplinary design tools for designing next generation HARW transport aircraft (WP3; DLR; Sensitive)


D4.1 UHBR test case definition (fan, turbine, and heat exchanger) (WP4; RR; Sensitive)


D4.2 USF test case definition (WP4; ONERA; Sensitive)


D4.3 Multi-fidelity aerodynamic-structural design of UHBR fan blade (WP4; UNICA; Sensitive)


D4.4 Multi-fidelity aero-thermal-structural design of compressor/turbine blades (WP4; UNICA; Sensitive)


D4.5 Aero-acoustic optimisation of isolated USF engine (WP4; SAFRAN; Sensitive)


D4.6 Shape optimisation of wing-engine geometries to reduce contrail formation (WP4; USFD; Sensitive)


D4.7 Coupled aero-propulsive optimisation of USF engine and wing (WP4; ONERA; Sensitive)


D5.1 UQ and RO of airframe parts (WP5; DAV; Sensitive)


D5.2 UQ and RO of engine components (WP5; UNICA; Sensitive)


D6.1 Definition of advanced Heat Exchanger geometry and required boundary condition at various flight conditions (WP6; RR; Sensitive)


D6.2 Definition of the cold CAD fan datum geometry, CMM file Formats and data of the scanned UHB Fan blades and HP Turbine Blades (WP6; RR; Sensitive)


D6.3 Delivery of the first Topology optimised Heat-Exchanger (WP6; OPT; Sensitive)


D6.4 Additive Manufacturing of first heat exchanger design (WP6; IRT; Sensitive)


D6.5 Hi-Fi, Multi-passage (NLH and Non-linear) analysis of the Digital Twin of the Manufactured fan blade (WP6; UNICA; Sensitive)


D7.1 Data Management Plan (WP7; ONERA; Sensitive)


D7.2 PEDR-C (WP7; ERDYN; Sensitive)


D7.3 Communication Kit (WP7; ERDYN; Public)


Scientific publications

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